Toddler Bed

So how do you know when yo get your little one into a toddler bed? Well, in my opinion you should wait as long as possible as once this happens there is no going back! Being in a toddler bed comes with a whole new set of challenges to deal with so just be ready. Really the only 2 times we tell people that it is absolutely time to get into their own bed are 1) When your child attempts to climb out of the crib (as they can fall and get hurt) and 2) When they go to college ('cause thats just weird).

Below is a little video that we did that addresses some of these points.

High Points:
1) Wait as long as possible
2) When toilet training consider making the change
3) Be firm on bedtime and waking routines as once they have the freedom to get up at will they will. It takes good parenting to get your kid back on a sleeping schedule.
4) Make the room a big crib and safe for your child.

Good Luck! Aaron Traeger MD FAAP