Parenting Styles

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Text from "Medical Minute:"
Hello, this is Aaron Traeger, pediatrician with Advocate Medical Group. Before I had kids I told myself that I would do everything I could to be the perfect parent. I had done the research, made the plan and when the day finally arrived the first thing I did was drop her on her head in the delivery room. No I'm just kidding. But that is what a lot of parents feel they have done when they realize that they aren't the perfect parent they dreamed of being. The fact of the matter is that no parent can be perfect but you can take take steps now to learn from mistakes that you have already made and improve on how your parents raised you. 

Start by looking at how you behaved as a child. How did your parents handle your good and less desirable behaviors? What do you plan on doing differently? Second, how do you and your spouse plan on handling the good and bad moments? Try to imagine a couple scenarios and how you plan on reacting. By doing this it is a lot easier to act in the moment and not get carried away. When something unexpected happens, trust your intuition. A lot of parents underestimate what they know, but the fact of the matter is that they know the most about their children and should not be afraid to make mistakes. 

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