Hydration and Sports

Staying hydrated while active is incredibly important. Below are a couple links that discuss this further.

Click here to listen to Dr Traeger's "Medical Minute" about hydration

Energy Drinks: Not Kid Stuff - Aaron Traeger MD FAAP

Text from the "Medical Minute:"

Hello, this is Aaron Traeger, pediatrician with Advocate Medical Group. In case you haven't noticed, it is hot outside. Add in the demands of play or competitive sports and the risk of dehydration increases. Experts agree that at a minimum active children should drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water every day. Because our bodies dehydration sensor does not kick in quickly, most people that are thirsty may already be dehydrated. This is why it is important that athletes drink plenty of water before being active. Throughout the practice or game everyone should take frequent water breaks even if they are not thirsty. Water is all that is needed to prevent and treat dehydration. Commercial sports drinks are not only unnecessary but loaded with sugar and calories that contribute to an unhealthy weight. Furthermore, added electrolytes are not necessary and is mostly a marketing tactic. If you need to add some flavoring to your water choose a zero calorie additive. These tips, along with a balanced diet full of fruit and vegetables will help keep your athlete out of trouble and ahead of the competition. 

For more information visit amgdoctors.com/medicalminute. With the Advocate Medical Group Medical Minute, this is Dr Aaron Traeger