Patients that have gotten to know me realize that I love ADD and ADHD. I love it that through home, school and medical intervention we can change kids' lives. Note that I said change their lives, not change them. By working on the right kid with the right kinds of medicines, their entire future can change and that is incredibly satisfying and fulfilling.

Below are many different resources about ADD and ADHD.

Click HERE to listen to Dr Traeger's "Medical Minute" on ADD/ADHD. 

Text from the "Medical Minute" on ADHD:
Hello, this is Aaron Traeger, pediatrician with Advocate Medical Group. School is in session and already some kids are struggling because of their ability to concentrate. While all children and adults have to learn to make a schedule, prioritize activities and lean to stay on task some just can't do it. When this inability to stay on task causes difficulty in school or home pediatricians may identify this as Attention Deficit Disorder. If your child is more active, to the point that they can't sit still as well that is called Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. What parents and teachers need to realize is that this is NOT just a behavior issue. ADHD is a real medical condition just like asthma or diabetes. Under the direction of your pediatrician and working with your teachers we can make a profound impact on your child's life. If you have concerns about ADHD, do your child a huge favor and talk with your pediatrician about medications and behavioral interventions to help make him a star.

For more information visit With the Advocate Medical Group Medical Minute, this is Dr Aaron Traeger