Today Marjo and I spoke at the local MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) meeting about some common issues that come up with kids. There were quite a few questions about ADD and ADHD. Below are SOME of the resources that we use to make the diagnosis of ADD and ADHD. They are also listed in the "Handouts and Forms" section on the right. Take a look around and if you have questions or think that your child is have some behaviors that are concerning to you please call and speak with a nurse or make an appointment. -Aaron Traeger MD

AAP - Does My Child Have ADHD? 
AAP - Evaluating Your Child for ADHD 
AAP - For Parents of Kids with ADHD 
AAP - What to do for sleep problems and ADHD 
AAP - Educational Rights and ADHD 
AAP - Homework Tips and ADHD 
AAP - ADHD Work with your child's school 
AAP - ADHD Internet Resources
AAP - How to Establish School-Home Daily Report Card

AAP - Vanderbilt- ADHD Letter 
AAP - Vanderbilt - ADHD Introduction 
AAP - Vanderbilt - Initial Evaluation Form 
AAP - Vanderbilt - Parent Form 
AAP - Vanderbilt - Teacher Form 
AAP - Vanderbilt - Parent Follow-up Form 
AAP - Vanderbilt - Teacher Follow-up Form 
AAP - Vanderbilt - Cover Letter to Teachers